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Spencer’s Fun App of the Week | TechSocialites
Spencer’s Fun App of the Week

Spencer’s Fun App of the Week

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This week’s fun app of the week has kept me playing on my IPAD and Iphone all weekend, it is called Tiny Wings.  I am sure that most of you have heard or even played this game but after some time of boycotting it because it costs money I finally downloaded it.  I typically try to avoid apps that cost money because there are so many other free entertaining apps.  Tiny Wings is only 99 cents and is for the Iphone, Android and can be played on an IPAD.  The object of the game is to use the hills and to reach the farthest islands and get the highest score.  You lose when the night catches up to your tiny wing and it falls asleep.  The player will earn more daylight by advancing to farther islands.  Every time you nail three great slides in a row you reach fever mode where your score multiplies the longer you stay in fever mode.   When you mess up on a jump you lose your fever.  The player can also grab other bonuses for doing great jumps and by jumping high enough to reach the clouds.  There are also speed coins that will launch the player across great distances.  These come in handy especially after a bad jump when the tiny wing could really use a boost.  Like most games there are coins, which equal three points per coin.

tiny wing

            The game also features numerous objectives.  These include playing the game upside down, reaching the 9th island, accumulating certain scores and being in fever mode for over thirty seconds to name a few.  After completing a series of three objectives the player earns a new nest.  Each nest adds another score multiplayer thus creating higher scores.  The only downside to this game is that there is no IPAD version you have to download the Iphone version and stretch the screen.  This game may be the most addictive game I have played in awhile.  I give Tiny Wings five wings out of five.

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